Mecca of Dreams. April 1, 2013


I’ve journeyed to the Salton Sea with a few friends. It was an accidental town, built around an accidental flood created “sea”. A resort area was soon built around it and with celebrity visits, Salton Sea was going to be the new Palm Springs. All dreams were dashed when the sea became too saline for fish to survive, areas flooded, and what was once a mecca soon deteriorated into one of California’s poorest communities.

“Poor” is relative.  Bittersweet, definitely. The sea, though salty, and the beach made of corpsed halibut dust, glistened in the sun like a long forgotten dream. This town is filled with residents who had dreams, and outsider artists who love where they live. Bombay Beach, Salvation Mountain, East Jesus- though outside what you and I may be used to, are all worth a visit. I felt like I stepped into another world, long forgotten.


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