Getting stuff done. January 5, 2013


So, it is a new year. A new year indeed! I’ve had a really nice Christmas and New year with family and friends, and have as always started the year with a fierce determination to spruce things up around the place.

I like to coin terms for every new year that occurs. Last year was my year of growth. While I will continue to grow, this year is about getting my *#*# together and getting things done in a fierce way. Productivity and the year my the seeds and groundwork I’ve laid start coming into fruition.

I’m scratching things off my to do list left and right. I’m taking my priorities. I’m constantly improving and working on projects fully and completely. It’s my year of productivity and successful and happy fruitioning. I don’t even care if that’s a word, but I’m using it. 🙂

I’m going to continue to work towards my goals like crazy, and I’m mastering new plans over here. This place is popping! This year I am going to book at least 2 national commercials that run a lot, finish writing and publish my cookbook, finish writing and planning the first season of my webseries, and a short film. I am going to learn to write by doing. I am booking a film in a character that speaks to my heart, and at least a recurring on a t.v. show I love. I may even book a series regular on a show that I completely love. 🙂 I’m also continuing to build my creative skills.

Sound hefty? I can do it. This is me stating my goals and plan for this year. Out loud. If my path leads me in a different direction, I am open to that as well. I am open to all of this and more. I am going to work hard and creatively, and I’m going to do it with an open and loving heart. That’s right. Nose to the grind, and heart in the sky.

Look at that shine!

Look at that shine!

Bring it on. No matter where my courage lies somedays, it always shows it’s face when I need it.

I’m thinking of making a sidecar to my ride because I have a feeling my courage and I are going to be best friends this year.




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