Day 345. November 3, 2012


Have you ever been to Showbiz Pizza? When you were a wee one perhaps? Or Chuck E. Cheese?

Showbiz Pizza

Chuck E Cheese

I remember going to the ones near my home, growing up. We went quite a few times for birthdays. I was always excited to go until I sat on the stools watching the giant animatronic gorilla or mouse  sing whilst towering over me.

I’m not going to lie. I was pretty afraid of those nuts and bolts covered with fur who were 20 times my size.

I was an enjoy the show from a distance kind of gal and it took me many times at my sister’s pulling to get me to stay seated on those stools. Once I was there, I mustered up all my courage and forced a smile. I was 5.  My favorite character was the girl mouse, Mitzy,  at Showbiz. She looked a little more friendly and had more of a smile on her face. Relief always washed over me when the show was over and I could return to the games.

I did love the pizza at Showbiz more than Chuck E. Cheese

I’m bringing all of this up because on a break from work today I walked into the local Chuck E. Cheese and was mildly disappointed.

Oh Chuck E. Cheese!

There was only one mouse performing, the pizza was $9 for a thin baby sized personal pan, and well, the magic and looming seemed to have disappeared.

Here are a few videos explaining all about Showbiz, and Chuck E. Cheese.

This one explains the behind the scenes of Showbiz.

And a Showbiz commercial.

A Chuck E. Cheese commercial.

I’m not sure why Chuck E. Cheese survived while Showbiz went the way of the wind. It’s unfortunate though. Mighty unfortunate.


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