Day 338. October 27, 2012


Today was my big Halloween gathering/party/dress up day.  It was also my good friend’s wedding reception!

I went as Anna Karina in ‘Anna’, the Serge Gainsbourg film from the scene where she sings ‘Rollergirl’.

No one guessed my costume. I thought about adding the helmet and falcon glove, but then I’d have to carry them all night and well, no one knew who I was anyway so….. I think I was fine without! Next time, I will attempt to find a more appropriate wig. Not bad with limited time! My main props were a pencil, a faux cigarette, and an empty champagne bottle.

Here is my inspiration and photos from that night after the jump!

Anna Karina – Rollergirl by clkleb

The Black Widow and Anna Karina

Anna and Mr. Tapatio

Um… You might think about taking a trip to the hospital…or put a bird on it.


Anna, Joan, and Someone That I Used To Know…..


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