Day 306. September 25, 2012


Interview day!!

The whole day was filled with interviews.

First up was a Diversity Partial Scholarship for UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) Comedy Theatre.

It went really well and the place smelled like corndogs, we laughed a lot, and there was a dog that had the face of Falcor.

Win. Win.

Second and Third were interviews with two new promotional jobs. I booked one, and had a great first interview with the other.

There is a second round of interviews on the second promo job, so I’ll just have to wait on that one. 🙂

The Fourth interview of the day was for a possible new roommate! She was lovely, but may have some things to work out with her current place, so we shall see. I’m still on the hunt in the meantime. 🙂

So many interviews makes for a busy day!

I also was contacted by my friend last minute to create a drink board for her bar at Neil Patrick Harris and Jon Braver’s Haunted Play this year.

There is a creepy 1918 theme. Spooky! Here is my board!

Spooky Libations!

Speaking of Neil Patrick Harris-Do you know him? He was



Dr. Horrible!

Among other things.

He is also one AWESOME Tony Award host!


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