Day 281. August 31, 2012


I think today’s post is going to turn into a Yelp-ish review.

I met a friend at Cat and Fiddle.

This place looks super neat.

I should have worn my flag socks.

If I drank beer, I would drink it under this sign.

We went here for happy hour and got a few appetizers. A cheese and fruit plate and cheese stuffed potatoes sans bacon.

This apparently isn’t a great place for happy hour if you are a vegetarian.

There were basically only two kinds of cheese, and the stuffed potatoes tasted like they had been in the frozen food section for far too long. I wonder if the English chips or fries would be better here?

I know English food isn’t known for their grand foliage delight, but meh. If you are going to happy hour in Hollywood, skip The Cat and Fiddle if you are hungry. I’m sure the drinks are fine. 😉  That’s probably what you are going to happy hour for anyway, right?

Weirdo girl! Going for food!



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