Day 270. August 20, 2012


Have you heard of The Cabbage Patch Kids?

They were all the rage a few so odd years ago. Cute little things that were born out of a …you guessed it..Cabbage Patch!

It all started with a little boy named Xavier who followed a bunnybee through a waterfall and into the magical cabbage patch.

He met one of the children who were born from the magical cabbages and promised to help them all find homes.

Look how adorable! They each have their own certificate.

They even made a record and had books.

Cabbage Patch Kids Sing-A-Longs!

These dolls were so popular that Topps trading cards decided to parody them and make a mean gritty version called Garbage Pail Kids. These weren’t actual dolls, but trading cards, turned into cartoons and movies!

They were disgusting but oh so intriguing! The best thing about these trading cards are finding your name and your alter garbage ego.

Awesomely gross.

I could never find one with my name. . . . until now!! A friend of mine sent this image to me. Yes!!! I’ve made it into Garbage Pail Kid history! FINALLY.

Yes!! FInally. Finally!

This is probably only awesome to me, but to me it is so so awesome.  This was the whole point to this post.

I am excited that I now know of a DAWN Garbage Pail Kid card in existence. SO excited.


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