Day 269. August 19, 2012


The Neverending Story. Probably the best story in the world for these reasons.

It’s about:

1. Doing what you dream.

2. Being pure of heart.

3. Having courage to follow your quest through adversity.

4. Facing your true self. Learn to love yourself as you truly are.

5. Overcoming obstacles.

6. Helping people.

7. Trusting that things will work out if you stay true.

8. Life is about the journey. And adventure.

9. Keep your imagination bright and alive, but don’t let it overtake you, or forget about others.

10. The more you follow your unique path and and allow your true heart and imagination to shine and soar, the more amazing and beautiful your and everyone else with whom you share your gifts’ worlds will be.  Share and show others the way.

The book, if you haven’t read it- is a must read. It’s the first book I read and immediately wanted to flip over and read again.

The film (though it deviated from the book enough so that Michael Ende (the author of the book) didn’t want anything to do with it) is a good way at bringing these ideas into a concise way of sharing these virtues of life in a cute and magical way.

If you’ve only seen the film and haven’t read the book- GO! RUN! READ THE BOOK! There are so many more intricacies and imagery than what’s available in the film. I found myself in the worlds with the characters. The book itself is also beautiful.

Green writing and purple writing. Illustrations. Words strung together to create many beautiful and eye opening stories within stories.


(wikipedia’s explanation.)

AURYN is a mystical talisman in The Neverending Story. In the novel, AURYN is always spelled in capital letters and is revered by all Fantasicans, referred to as “The Gem” and “The Glory”. It is a symbol of its mistress, the Childlike Empress, who is also called “The Golden-Eyed Commander of Wishes” in reference to her relationship with AURYN. While the book makes noteworthy the point that the image of AURYN is on its “cover(s)”, it does not actually refer to it as AURYN.

A common misconception is that AURYN is a simple magical object that grants wishes. The truth is that AURYN’s power flows from the Childlike Empress and that it can only be used with her permission. The powerful amulet cannot be used against her and if she does not grant the use of it to someone they are unable to influence AURYN.

AURYN, as it appears in the movie(s)

“The name of the amulet is not the same as that of a simple inanimate object. The word ‘the’ never precedes that amulet’s name (i.e., never “the AURYN”). Instead, it is used simply as AURYN, a proper noun like a person’s name.

Two mythological serpents, symmetrical, bite at the other’s tail. In the book, they form an oval, and are not intertwined. One serpent is white and one is black. Each has an eye to correspond to the color of the book’s print, red and green. It may be noted that the film version has the two snakes in an “Infinity Knot”, a kind of  grief knot which looks like a more intricate variation of the figure “8” infinity symbol and another sign of ouroboros. The two snakes represent the dual nature of the two worlds, Fantasia (German: Phantásien) and Reality, but also the twin nature of their mutual creation and destruction. On the back of AURYN are these words:

Do What You Wish” (German: “Tu, was du willst“).

Read this book. It will change your life for the better. I promise. Read it to children. It has really shaped my life. I LOVE IT!

Has anyone ever found one that looked like this?!


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