Day 251. August 1, 2012


Today’s the day of our performance.

We have been rehearsing the past two nights in Vancouver after each conference day leading up to this.

Three other perfomances in progress went on before us.

There workshops I decided to take leading up to tonight really opened me up to present experience. The second workshop- Laughing and Lamenting by Anne Shilling created a presence and brought to light the fact that laughing and lamenting are the same experiences energetically.  Many people in class were experiencing heightened emotions- but I was not. That is, until the end of the workshop where I felt the emotion stifled within me. It was the last workshop of the day and I went into the tiny rehearsal before our performance with this stuck inside me.

Right before the audience was let it in- the emotion poured and so did my tears! I ran to Anne who guided me through with words and heart and I had the release of emotion. I quickly dried my eyes as people filled the space.

Estelle’s performance.

A performance filled with gentle beauty and a music box by Beth Anne Garrison.

There was one more performance before us, with many uses of a cardboard box involved in a heartfelt and real situation, but I wasn’t able to get any photos of that.

Then it was our turn to go on. All of the emotion, the work leading up to this-manifested itself in calm and presence.

It was as if magic had overtaken us. During my performance, I felt the energy of myself and the audience shine and connect- I felt really alive and at home.

It was an amazing experience. We were asked to perform again and possible tour with this performance- what an honor to be asked to do such! No immediate plans, but we are pondering the thought. People came up to me after the performance and let me know that they felt the same magic I felt. I am reeling with connection and electricity.

This is us the night before the performance- on a break during rehearsal. What a beautiful space!

I’m excited for the rest of the conference to continue. It’s been so transforming.

I Have A Voice.






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