Day 32. December 26, 2011


Tonight it finally happened. The day I swore would never come. Tonight while I was watching Korean Dramas with my mother I felt chilly.  There weren’t any blankets in reaching distance. It happened. My father got a Green Bay Packers snuggie as a gift for Christmas-and I reached for it. I, Dawn Anderson put on a snuggie. It was warm and it was weird.

Do you think the Green Bay Packers wear snuggies? It is their brand after all and I’m sure the DO get cold.

Would Clay Matthews even FIT into a snuggie?

I do have to admit that it was cozy. Great in a pinch, I have decided that I will wear a snuggie if there are no other options. I don’t like how the back is open and I know I could put it on like a hospital gown, but I’d rather wear a cute robe than a blob of fleece. Bleece. Flob. Snuggie.

If I ever did own a snuggie of my own, it would definitely have to look like this Jedi/Owl. Look at the Kurt Cobain snowball one with matching slippers!!

“Stopped they must be; on this all depends. Only a fully-trained Jedi Knight, with the Force as his ally, will conquer Vader and his Emperor.”

Or I would wear this one with the fleece hands just because when I look at it, it makes me want to  howl!

These, I’ve decided are the only acceptable forms of a snuggie for me-even though these technically look like capes which are more awesome.

I just found this.

Woah. She could be hiding  litter of 12 German Shepards in her couch dress!

I MIGHT be coerced into wearing this Batman snuggie that covers your whole body but only because it has a hood with ears and I kind of love Batman.

Holy blanket with arms Batman!

It has a hood with ears!