I decided yesterday to spend more time being happy and having fun. Simple. Really simple. Almost unbelievably simple…and easy.

So far it’s been wonderful. Yesterday, as part of my job I asked more than 50 people what makes them happy and to write it on a wall we provided. In doing that, I saw them light up and I began thinking of things that made me happy.

I became happy.


Today I parked my car on the street at work instead of the garage. On my walk to my car to run errands in the middle of the day, I saw a cute older couple staring and pointing at the sky. I looked up and saw that they were marveling at the most magical color hues in rare forms amongst the clouds. Together we reveled in how beautiful and special the vision before us was. They spoke in a magical language that was familiar to my soul. In 5 minutes it was gone from the sky, but lived within us. I wondered how many other people happened to be at the right place at the right time to catch this sky surprise. A smile drew across my face.

I was happy.


After lunch, on my way down the elevator with an old rolling chair I was throwing out for my boss, I laughed to myself just thinking of the scenario that would have taken place had someone been standing at the foot of the elevator as it opened. They would have been greeted by my leaning back in the chair with a sly smirk on my face daring them to enter with equal commitment to fun. No such luck. I rolled down the hallway, from one end of the garage to the other, stopping directly before the alleyway. I was humming Templeton’s ‘Smorgasbord’ tune (from ‘Charlotte’s Web’) while spinning with delight.

I have never sat in a chair on the elevator before today.

I was happy.

I learned that human rights prevailed today, with the legalization of same-sex marriage.

I was happy.

I like where this is going. I’m going to continue to have 2 main goals each day-have fun and be happy. Actually, I’m throwing in a third goal because I feel doing this one thing is a cause and effect of having fun and being happy; be in gratitude multiple times a day.

I’m also going to share my fun on social media as #thegreathappy. See what I did there? Gratitude + Happiness = Fun + Happiness = Gratitude + Fun = Happiness. It all works out no matter which way you do it! If you would like to join in, just post what makes you feel happy, grateful and fun! Don’t forget to hashtag #thegreathappy so I can see what brightens up your day. That’s it!

I’m excited to see your posts!

Happy Fields

I am happy.


Mecca of Dreams. April 1, 2013


I’ve journeyed to the Salton Sea with a few friends. It was an accidental town, built around an accidental flood created “sea”. A resort area was soon built around it and with celebrity visits, Salton Sea was going to be the new Palm Springs. All dreams were dashed when the sea became too saline for fish to survive, areas flooded, and what was once a mecca soon deteriorated into one of California’s poorest communities.

“Poor” is relative.  Bittersweet, definitely. The sea, though salty, and the beach made of corpsed halibut dust, glistened in the sun like a long forgotten dream. This town is filled with residents who had dreams, and outsider artists who love where they live. Bombay Beach, Salvation Mountain, East Jesus- though outside what you and I may be used to, are all worth a visit. I felt like I stepped into another world, long forgotten.

Getting stuff done. January 5, 2013


So, it is a new year. A new year indeed! I’ve had a really nice Christmas and New year with family and friends, and have as always started the year with a fierce determination to spruce things up around the place.

I like to coin terms for every new year that occurs. Last year was my year of growth. While I will continue to grow, this year is about getting my *#*# together and getting things done in a fierce way. Productivity and the year my the seeds and groundwork I’ve laid start coming into fruition.

I’m scratching things off my to do list left and right. I’m taking my priorities. I’m constantly improving and working on projects fully and completely. It’s my year of productivity and successful and happy fruitioning. I don’t even care if that’s a word, but I’m using it. 🙂

I’m going to continue to work towards my goals like crazy, and I’m mastering new plans over here. This place is popping! This year I am going to book at least 2 national commercials that run a lot, finish writing and publish my cookbook, finish writing and planning the first season of my webseries, and a short film. I am going to learn to write by doing. I am booking a film in a character that speaks to my heart, and at least a recurring on a t.v. show I love. I may even book a series regular on a show that I completely love. 🙂 I’m also continuing to build my creative skills.

Sound hefty? I can do it. This is me stating my goals and plan for this year. Out loud. If my path leads me in a different direction, I am open to that as well. I am open to all of this and more. I am going to work hard and creatively, and I’m going to do it with an open and loving heart. That’s right. Nose to the grind, and heart in the sky.

Look at that shine!

Look at that shine!

Bring it on. No matter where my courage lies somedays, it always shows it’s face when I need it.

I’m thinking of making a sidecar to my ride because I have a feeling my courage and I are going to be best friends this year.



My New Year. November 25, 2012


Today is technically day 367. Or day 1 of my new year. However you want to look at it is fine with me. I thought about changing my blog name to 365+ days of dawn, but 365daysofdawn has kind of grown on me. Even though I will be semi-regularly blogging on this site, it won’t be for every day any longer.  Also, I think instead of listing the day, I’ll list something that has to do with the actual blog entry I’m writing.

I thought about ending this blog and starting a new one- maybe more streamlined-but then I decided that when I have something more streamlined to talk about in an insane fashion, then the timing will be right and a new blog baby will be born. For now, I like this place as my hub. It’s comfortable. I’ve been here for a year. I’ve moved in and thrown my dirty clothes on the floor, left a couple dishes in the sink, spruced up the place with a few flowers, and settled in. So, there you have it. I’m not moving out-not yet. Grab a cup of tea, pour in a little almond milk, and welcome back. 🙂

On to my new year!!

Today was just the most lovely and gorgeous day I could have hoped for. My bbq/picnic in the park birthday party was all I hoped for and more. Magical surroundings, lovely people, games, an impromptu serenade by mariachi, free fruit from the fruit cart guy, a little bocce ball, and smiles-lots of smiles.

Here are a few photos from today.

It begins.

I was practicing my facial expression in case I was either scared or disgusted by something today, but that didn’t happen. Phew!

New buddies.

I made a vegan apple pear pie with carob crust!

Peaceful ground beings under the hills, with antennas reaching the sky for sun power. 🙂

Surprise Mariachi serenade!

A grouping of events of the day!

So much has happened in a year. Mostly, this was a year of personal growth. It has been a year of working diligently on health, self awareness, inner harmony, inner and outward kindness (not to be mistaken for weakness!), inner strength and courage, new adventures, and raising my personal thermostat to a new level of self success and achievement. I’m focused on continuing to raise that bar.

I’ve climbed a canyon and laid under the milkyway. I’ve discovered and raised my voice, fundraised, and performed in Vancouver. I’ve learned how to be better at accepting where I am and raising that bar by thinking in a new way to continue my journey of where I want to go while finding sunshine within my path; I’ve auditioned as a series regular for pilots thanks in part to my amazing manager and friend who believes in me; I am partnered with an amazing commercial agent who is an awesome woman and at a great agency; I have had the good fortune of meeting and learning from envisioned teachers I connect with; I have collaborated with and am in the drawing room of working with amazing and beautifully visioned people. I have met so many wonderful people I look forward to spending time with. I have had and shared many laughs, a few tears, despair, hope, joy, contentment, determination, and warmth.

This was a year of growth. Through it all, I am thankful. I am grateful and amazed at how wonderful and beautiful life is when we simply believe in ourselves, believe in others, and trust that we are taken care of. Life is pretty f’ing awesome when I think about it.

This park party birthday was a perfect closing to this year, and beginning to my new year. I am excited to see what adventures I can create, and what will welcome me on my continued path.

Thank you to everyone who made this day truly special.



Day 366. November 24, 2012


Today’s the day. November 24. Day 366. I’ve completed one full year of blogging my life.

At times it has seemed tedious, or I’d fall behind but always document the days so I could catch up, but…. I did it.

I’m glad I did.

Today is a normal blogging day. Tomorrow is the first day of my new year.

I think I’ll peruse through the year’s blogs and write my hopes for the new year.

Although I won’t write as often as I have been, I will still update this site- and write my thoughts, musings, observations. .

Onward for today:

It’s the day before my birthday. My friend is taking me to a movie and lunch. This has become sort of a tradition with he and I. (If you can call two years in a row tradition). Perhaps a new one? Either way, we love going to movies and today was “Life of Pi”.

We saw it in Real 3D. This film is a must see in this format. The visuals are so beautiful and brilliant, as well as inclusion of a great and inspiring story. It’s filled with magical realism, so if you’re into that sort of thing (I LOVE it), then you’ll like this film.

Ang Lee is possibly one of the best directors around. What an amazing movie.


We then went to eat lunch. This is mine….MMMM!

Soo delicious.

And then I bought myself a pair of birthday sunglasses. 🙂


Suuupa Suuuupa Sunglasses!

Day 365. November 23, 2012


An early workday completely serious, no joking around poem of all poems for the history of the world:

Today I arrived at work at 5am in darkness.

There was a lot of walking involved.

I passed this guy about 8 times.

He looked at me, I looked at him.

When I left the building, I was surrounded by light.

The bright kind.

Even though I never got a name, let’s call him Ralph.

Day 364. November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving!

For the past two years, I have been celebrating Thanksgiving with an amazing group of lovely people. My home away from home on Thanksgiving day. Potluck, games, and sparkling conversation. Like diamond sparkling, not vampire sparkling.

It’s not a new age vampire party.

Here are some photos from the day!